the lost mind… rhythms from the past

Rabindranath said that past memories are always of happiness…
(pardon my poor effort of translation). Now i got a glimpse of that
while going through the pains of forced introspection of life for the
only thing that matters now (for the uninitiated, these are called
resume points :D, and so sad that is ). I found a yellow piece of paper,
half-torn with two short poems (If i may call them that) scribbled on
it. And behold, there is my signature beneath (the egoist i am ). almost
fifteen years ago and poor english. But you know what Tagore said. so,
where else than to keep those preserved than here……

A Few Words of A Flower

I was a flower / of a tree
Many bees came to collect / honey from me.
Butterflies came to me / to play on lute
Other insects came also / to play flute.
In my childhood, when / i was little
Also that time i had / scent a tittle.
But one day, I fell / on the earth,
That time i thought about / the time of birth.

Sun and Moon

The moon gives us light/ at time of the night
but the sunshine is brighter / than the moonlight.
Why moon gives us light / I don’t know
why sun gives us shine/ do you know ?
Darkness comes after / sun set
i never see the sun / to late.
Sun and moon are / two brothers
and the stars are / the others.
Sun begins his work with / ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’
They are the prisoners of sky / like the beast of zoo.

that is me fifteen years ago….  not good , not bad, but
a mind of my own… now in the process of losing it….