“Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend”

No, it’s not one of those famous quotes of yours truly (though it could have been,
sob sob, sooo sad)

Anyways, it’s a research paper by Tristan Miller . Check it out
Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend

Though i would love to add my comments and inputs (yours truly is a well known
self acclaimed authority in this field, in case you didn’t know) ….  the trivial
matters in life like mid-term etc are killing me.

So, it would have to wait for a while…in the meantime , all ye thirsty ones (thirst
of knowledge that is), quench your thirst with this one…..


Happy Friendship Day ………

Happy friendship day…. to all my friends… whom i know…
and whom i am yet to know

here are two SMSs in different beats I received…
thought of sharing.

In 1935, USA Govt had killed a man on 1st Saturday of August.
Next day, his frnd died committing suicide in his memory.
USA Govt had declared 1st Sunday of every August as “F’ship Day”.
On dis 74th f’ship day, I wish u to send dis story to all ur frnz.


Actually we don’t live for the worldly fame
Neither we require a great acclaim
But we live to know someone cares
Someone who always remains there
Someone who is truly true
Someone, my friend, just like U