cooliris… really cool addon for firefox

Do you like the pic above? Do you use Firefox?
If the answer to both the questions is – “yes”, then read on….

this is about cooliris-a really ‘cool’ addon for firefox making your ‘not-so-serious’
browsing (well, at least for mortals like me) a visual treat. So, without further
ado, some sneek pics of the ‘cool’ thing (is it uncool to say cool so many times??)

you can download the addon here. Once done with installing, it shows like this

0.1 Once you enter the world of this, here are the things you get

10these are the website options you get to choose from


here are some screenshots to show how you can browse through videos and clicking one it enlarges and start playing




You can even browse pics from your pc and display them


search and flaunt your own youtube videos and flaunt them full screen 😀



and that’s all folks….  i have a trade game to play for my fin ac …. c ya

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