Happy Friendship Day ………

Happy friendship day…. to all my friends… whom i know… and whom i am yet to know here are two SMSs in different beats I received… thought of sharing. In 1935, USA Govt… Continue reading

Are you looking at me ???

Another one….. As usual, you can see the original size by clicking on it…. do comment…. take care

pagan and the beauty…. again!!!!!!!!

will u let the pagans burn in peace we love to be burnt we are born to be in hell forever lessons never learnt… hell is no place for a beauty hell is… Continue reading

Wish i could sleep like that…..

you can see the original size by clicking on it…. my first sketch after coming to this place.screwed my quiz… but, i think time well spent… do comment on this….would make my agony… Continue reading

cooliris… really cool addon for firefox

Do you like the pic above? Do you use Firefox? If the answer to both the questions is – “yes”, then read on…. this is about cooliris-a really ‘cool’ addon for firefox making… Continue reading

ColorSplash….awesome iPhone app

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”……. Nothing could be more appropriate for this post. So, just to keep it short n simple, it’s about the iPhone app – ‘ColorSplash by Hendrik Kueck.… Continue reading

B.V.Doshi – the man in eternal search of unknown

My batch mate : Sir, what’s the idea behind the architecture of IIMB ? B. V. Doshi : What do you feel ? do you feel free or confined…. My batch mate :… Continue reading

I can’t live with or without you…

“And you give, and you give And you give yourself away. With or without you With or without you I can’t live With or without you.” – U2 One of my favourite songs… Continue reading

Tara r dike cheye chhilem…..

These are just some lines in Bengali i jotted down after reading  “Na Hanyate” by Maitreyi Devi…an academy award winning Bengali novel (this term is controversial, but for the moment let it be)… Continue reading

Himalayas…through the eyes of a man who has seen it all

Himalayas has always fascinated me. Its snowy peaks,its awesome magnitude, its legends,its mythologies….it’s pretty hard for an indian not to be felt humbled(is that a generalization too much? maybe, maybe not) . So, as there… Continue reading