the girl and the boy and the fire…


Wanna be a child again…

wanna be a child again… had such a hard blow …. but life doesn’t give you a second chance 😦

horrible horrible summer in November…

Would you pray for me ???

Would you ???

Light at the end of the tunnel…..

Going through such a rough patch in life…. so, trying to find solace in mirage 😀

the hazy dream

after a while…   trying to grab whatever passion left…. do comment if u feel so… ciao

in pursuit of…

Square was the mind. sharp edges, rough too different. the world was smooth, round, curvy. no place for the mind. the heart… had no shape. only beats, to let the world know it… Continue reading

my sketch in a magazine !!!!!

Too big a news not to mention for an insignificant guy like me !!!! check it out here page 90 … and a bit scrolling down 😀

the lost mind… rhythms from the past

Rabindranath said that past memories are always of happiness… (pardon my poor effort of translation). Now i got a glimpse of that while going through the pains of forced introspection of life for… Continue reading

this is his story…

i met a man once he was from our world you know the kind….. hopelessly romantic, eyes dreamy tides after tides of noises in his heart, yet silent. this is his story…. he… Continue reading